•               "Property is among the safest investments.
    It is an asset class that never causes losses in the long term and bounces back quickly from cyclical corrections."
    Sunil Menon (Director - Engineering, CISCO)

  •              "I believe Real estate in India is a very good investment. This is a country of a billion people and land will always be in demand here."
  •                "Bank Deposits or Debt Instruments just
    about match inflation cost. Mutual Funds / Equities
    are too risky. Property is a safe bet, but rental returns
    are low & I don't have the time to deal with brokers or fix leakages."
    T.V. Sridhar (VP - IBM Global Services)

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OWN your studio apartment for Rs.12.5 Lakhs at Electronic City, Bangalore. Buying a UniWorld apartment means securing your investment by ownership
of freehold real estate.
EARN assured and superior rentals by leasing to Young Professionals by way of our Pooled & Distributed yield model.
RELAX Hassle free earnings by virtue of our Property Management Service.
ENJOY 30 Days free stay at UniWorld Smart Suite